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Harriet Hansell MD

My goal is to partner with and coach patients to achieve their optimal health. As an athlete, I understand that health is not simply the absence of disease but the ideal function of all the body's systems working as one.

Conventional medicine teaches silo thinking; diseases are manifest within a single organ system, cared for by specialists treating each issue individually, without looking at the whole person. Drugs are often prescribed to treat the symptoms, not necessarily addressing the root cause of the problem. It is easier to prescribe a medicine in our factory line of patient care instead of taking the time to educate our patients about what they could do to help their modifiable lifestyle factors. Our population only continues to get sicker, with exponential increases in obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia, chronic pain conditions, and autoimmune disease. Our current medical system is geared toward population based management and not personalized medicine.

The purpose of my practice is to educate and empower my patients. I will provide you with a different framework, one that seeks to uncover the root source of your problems, not just give you medicines to mask the symptoms. If your list of medications and supplements are overwhelming, our goal is to get your body functioning where it needs to be, to be able to hopefully come off some, if not all, of those medications and supplements.

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We will integrate multiple modalities including nutrition, exercise optimization, acupuncture, and functional medicine with one focus in mind, achieving your wellness goals. My training as a board certified family physician has been enriched by additional training in integrative medicine, medical acupuncture, functional medicine, and fitness coaching.

I believe that that there are five foundations that lead to optimal health: nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental health, and our microbiome. When one of the foundations fall, then the domino effect can result. When we nurture these modifiable factors, we are able to change the way our genes are expressed, ultimately preventing and treating disease.

By the time patients experience symptoms related to their inflammation, it is a long standing process that has taken years to produce. Therefore, please understand that all the modalities targeted towards optimizing your health will still take time to treat your current symptoms while also preventing further diseases from developing.

Listen to Dr. Hansell’s interview, "Losing weight and getting fit over 40" on The Holderness Family podcast:

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PLEASE NOTE: Dr Hansell does not accept any medical insurance. She is an out-of-network provider. You may submit for potential reimbursement to your insurance coverage if they cover out-of-network medical services. Please click here to refer to our Financial Policy page.

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